Academy Profile

Academy Ethos

At Estcourt Academy, we aim to create an environment which encourages and reinforces good behaviour and the fostering of positive attitudes. Our emphasis is firmly on positive encouragement and promoting good relationships.

Our school rules are

  • Treat others with kindness and respect

  • Look after people and property

  • Make sensible choices and follow instructions

  • Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

There is one approach to behaviour management across the Academy. It is supported by a strong curriculum intent on developing and fostering respect.

The expectation is that all children will be in green and that this ‘green standard’ will be reinforced throughout the day through praise. Children all start on green and should finish each lesson. For children who find this harder to achieve, support is given to help them develop positive behaviour and learning attitudes, but consequences are given for those who do not follow the Academy’s high expectations.

We encourage children to have high expectations of themselves, their behaviour and in their learning. To help develop independence and positive learning attitudes, all classes use the 5 Rs:


  • I can stay focused

  • I can avoid being distracted

  • I can ‘stick with it!’


  • I am willing to have a go

  • I am not scared of getting it wrong

  • I learn from my mistakes

  • I am prepared to put my ideas forward


  • I can creative in my thinking and doing

  • I can ask ‘What if?’ questions

  • I can think how things might be


  • I can get on with others

  • I can listen to others

  • I can be sympathetic to others

  • I can work with others


  • I can plan

  • I can think carefully

  • I can revisit my work

  • I can review my work to improve it

By consistently using the 5 Rs, children are learning to learn and developing positive learning attitudes.