We follow the Statutory Framework from the Department for Education with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

This has four principles that we follow:
A Unique Child
Positive Relationships
Enabling Environments
Learning and Development

To enable children to develop :-

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development, (making Relationships, Self-confidence and self awareness, Managing feelings and behaviour)
  • Communication and Language , (Listening and attention, Understanding and speaking)
  • Physical Development, (Moving and handling and Health and self-care)
  • Literacy, (Reading and Writing)
  • Maths, (Number and Shape, space and measure)
  • Understanding of the World, People and communities, The world, Technology)
  • Expressive Arts and Design, (Exploring and using media and materials, Being Imaginative


                                                           Getting Year 1 Ready in a Big Writing Session

We aim to include the following areas within the Nursery and Reception classrooms.

  • a writing area containing various writing implements and papers
  • a book corner containing a range of  fiction, non-fiction, poetry and class-made books
  • a maths resource area which allows children to select appropriate items to help them solve practical problems including Numicon and Polydron.
  • a creative area containing resources for a range of art, design, music and technology activities
  • a construction area containing resources for developing fine motor skills, social interaction and problem solving
  • a small world area which allows children to extend fine motor skills, engage in imaginative play and develop language
  • an area containing malleable materials (e.g. play dough) and water play, where children can engage in practical investigations
  • a role play area which can be developed along themed line to cover several aspects of learning in “real life” scenarios.

                                                                                               Using Numicon in a Maths Session

We view the outdoor area as an extension of the classroom and we aim to extend the indoor provision into a 'bigger, messier, louder' version for outdoor learning.

We encourage Parents and Carers to be partners in the childrens learning and we enjoy seeing you at our weekly Phonics Friday and regular Stay and Play sessions. We celebrate your childrens' achievements through our weekly 'Wow Board' and our twitter feed and blog.

                                                                            Collaboration and Co-operation in our Outdoor Area