Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Melanie   Hewitt

Associate Principal, Strategic Leadership, Monitoring, Assessment, Teaching and Learning, CPD

Natalie   Oldroyd

Assistant   Principal, Management, TLR Lead; Curriculum,

School   Direct/NQT Mentor

Leadership Team

Lynsey Coulman

Leader of Learning:   Reading; School Direct/NQT Mentor

Amy England

Leader of Learning: Writing; School Direct/NQT   Mentor

Jade Quiney

Leader of Learning: Mathematics; School   Direct/NQT Mentor

James Rennardson

Leader of Learning: SENCO

Sharon Finn

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Emotional Well   Being Leader, Safeguarding/Designated LAC leader, Attendance, Behaviour

Carol Tennyson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, SEN, Support   Staff

Tim Kelly

Leader of EYFS, E-Safety

Teaching Staff

Kim Davis

Leader of learning’s team member, Music   Provision

Laura Jeacock


Michelle Howe

Leader of learning’s team member, British Values/Citizenship

Nathan Ullah

Leader of learning's team member, Art and DT provision

Abigail Amor

Leader of learning’s team member, RE Provision

Eloise Puckering

Leader of learning's team member, Geography and History provision

Sam Forrest

Leader of learning's team member PE Co-ordinator

Laura Suthers

Leader of learning’s team member, Science   Provision

Sarah Newlove

Leader of learning's team member, ICT Provision

Paula Harris


 Support Staff

Janet Tallant

Early Years Practitioner, EYFS

Alex Wheller

Early Years Practitioner, EYFS

Samantha Capon

EWB member, Safeguarding Support

Katie Abbotts

Key Stage 1 PPA, Phonics

Sharon Billham

Teaching Assistant, Maths Team

Jenny Blenkinsop

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Shirley Fenwick

Teaching Assistant, Maths Team

Carole Hartley

Teaching Assistant, 1:1, Breakfast Club, Senior   Lunchtime Supervisor

Andrea Snow

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Jackie Brough

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Michele Collingwood

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Kelly Parkinson

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Donna Jackson

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Tracy Garrard

Teaching Assistant, English Team, Breakfast Club

Kerstie Beech

Teaching Assistant, EWB

Katie Shepherd

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Asmaa Bensellam

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Melanie Suggit

Teaching Assistant, EYFS, English Team

Rachel Wilson

Teaching Assistant, EYFS

Janette Margetts

Teaching Assistant, iPASS 1:1

Nicola Leslie

Teaching Assistant 0.5, Curriculum Enhancements,   School Council

Kayleigh Carter

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Melissa Fox

Teaching Assistant, 1:1

Emma Hartley

Apprentice 1:1

Beth Wilkinson

Apprentice 1:1

Rachel Hewitt

Apprentice 1:1

Holly Wallace

Apprentice 1:1 EYFS


Kerry Hamby

Business Administrator, Health and Safety, EVC

Maria Shepherd

Admin and Organisational Officer, Attendance

Trish Maguire

Admin Assistant

Abigail Simpson

Admin Apprentice

John Powdrill



Elaine Sisson

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Donna Mallinson

Child Supervisory Support Officer