Welcome to our academy.

Our aim is to do our very best so that that all pupils, regardless of their starting points, reach their full potential.

We are a larger than average primary academy in the East of Hull. The number of pupils eligible for free school meals is above the national average, as is the percentage of pupils with additional needs. We also have over twenty-three languages spoken within the academy! We celebrate and cherish the diversity within our academy.

We are a warm, welcoming, inclusive school. We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have with our children, families and local community.

Here is just a small flavour of just two components which we feel make our academy special: reading, which underpins our curriculum, and perseverance, which underpins our ethos.

Estcourt is a reading academy. Reading is at the heart of everything we do. From early language acquisition to vocabulary enrichment to reading mastery, reading weaves its way through our entire curriculum.

Our library is full of exciting books, both fiction and non-fiction, for pupils to enjoy. Our library is open every playtime and lunchtime.

Pupils learn about inspirational people who’ve shaped our lives.

Did you know that Amy Johnson was from Hull? She was the first female aviator to fly solo from London to Australia.

Inspirational people like Amy Johnson, Rosa Parks, Ru Paul, Martin Luthar-King, Emeline Pankhurst and Captain Tom Moore help our pupils believe that no matter who you are you can achieve greatness.

At Estcourt, expectations are high. Our staff continually promote the highest of standards. Pupils learn to persevere when they find a task challenging. Through perseverance comes a sense of achievement and through achievement comes pride.

Perserverance and pride. Our pupils learn to work hard and try their best. Pupils rise to the challenge of high expectations.

There is lots more information about our academy all over our website, but if there is anything specific you wish to ask, give us a call on 01482 761322 and we will do our best to help.