As part of our commitment to ensure our children leave us with the cultural capital they need to thrive in life, we provide a comprehensive package of personal development for all of our children.

Below are some of the visits and visitors that our children have had the opportunity to experience.

Delta Games

Each year schools from across the Trust come together for a day of sport and competition. The children get to experience what it is like to compete in a full size stadium, on a race track in front of hundreds of other children and adults. Our Y5 and Y6 team thoroughly enjoyed the day and even managed to bag some 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards! #GoTeamEstcourt


Dallowgill is our very own residential experience. We are fortunate to be able to fully utilise this fantastic place, nestled away in North Yorkshire. Alongside the amazing facilities and stunning scenery, there are lots of opportunities for building resilience, orienteering, connecting with nature, marshmallow toasting and getting that life changing residential experience.

Into University

Into University is a local charity with a mission to raise aspirations for children in communities like ours. This year, we have been fortunate enough to take part in sessions where we learnt all about Hull University and the types of courses they run along with potential careers for the future.

Y3/4 Withernsea Visit

As part of our learning about ‘Lighthouses’ through our REC learning we took a trip to see one! We also had the chance to explore the beach and the coastline which supported us in embedding our key knowledge and skills around coasts.


NSPCC Speak Out Visit

Careers Day

As part of the ongoing work we have undertaken this year we held our first Careers Day. We had a workshop with a range of different people who represented different careers. We learnt all about their role and even tried out an activity linked to their job role. We spent time with a chef, a vet, a nurse, a graphic designer, a marketing executive and a teacher.


As part of their learning all about Space, Y5 had the opportunity to explore the solar system like never before! They took a journey through space and time to see how earth has changed and explore other planets within the solar system.

Councillor Thomson and Councillor Hestor

Our local councillors came to speak to our academy council about how they can make a change in their local community.

Local PSCO Team

Delta Wings

Yorkshire Water