Our geography curriculum encourages pupils to be curious about the world around them. We want them to be fascinated by it too! Together, we develop the minds and learning skills of our young geographers.

At Estcourt Primary Academy, we teach children the skills and knowledge for them to become curious and engaged with the world around them. We do this through our key drivers:
• Nurturing and developing pupils’ enquiry skills
• Encouraging creativity and lifelong learning
• Wanting to make the world a better place
• Building and expanding geographical language and knowledge

Geography is embedded in our Reading Enhanced Curriculum which has reading for purpose at its core. Each unit of work has a high-quality, age appropriate driving text assigned that is used as the catalyst to impart curriculum knowledge and promote questioning. These texts are carefully selected to engage, inspire and deepen understanding. Alongside this, supplementary texts and bespoke knowledge organisers enable pupils to enrich their knowledge, vocabulary and curriculum skills. Every curriculum session begins with reading for purpose, from either the driving book or a supplementary text. Pupils then use this as a stimulus to discuss new knowledge, deepen their enquiry skills and form links in their learning.

Through the geography sessions, pupils develop a greater understanding of diverse places and people. They study current issues that affect the ecology of the planet and the geography explores questions about the natural and human aspects of the world. In addition, pupils develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world which helps them to become responsible citizens. Pupils will learn about their own locality but they also develop a knowledge and understanding of the world beyond their own environment.

Pupils also learn about influential people who have affected local and global geography. These may be conservationists, explorers or scientists. We hope this learning inspires pupils to consider future professions.